Dinky iPad2 on the cards?

Barely a day goes by without some sort of baseless speculation about Apple upcoming products. Partly this is because as soon as you stick an iPad tag on a story the readers come-a-flockin’, and also because there’s a whole army of people absolutely desperate for news about the latest iteration of the iPhone, or an app that’s about to be approved by Job’s gang. It’s incredibly tedious having to wade through the mountain of rubbish to find stuff worth reading, mind you.

However, find something worth reading about we have: namely about the iPad 2, which previous reports have suggested will be shipping in the first quarter of next year. A source has said to Reuters that not only it will have the front and back camera and a higher resolution screen (handy, but why weren’t they in the first one?), but will also come in two sizes, with a dinkier tablet apparently being developed. It will apparently be about half the size of the current iPad.

Now, that would go completely against Steve Jobs’ rant earlier in the year about the apparent uselessness of such a device, so we’re slightly sceptical of this source. However, it would make sense in another way: they have made a host of different types of iPod and iPhone, so creating a new iPad range wouldn’t exactly be a complete surprise. But why develop one after slamming them so vigorously only a couple of months back?

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