DimP: the innovative direct manipulation video player

DimP is a direct manipulation video player. What does that mean? Well it lets users drag items on the screen to move a video backward and forward instead of having to use the scroll bar at the bottom of the player, directly manipulating the video content and not just the timeline.

Not only does it look like loads of fun but it's also twice as fast as using the scroll bar at the bottom of the video. The idea was presented by a research team from the University of Toronto and their aim is to let 'users control video playback by moving objects of interest along their visual trajectory'.

It's a really innovative concept which seems to combine the visual jollies of interactivity with the time saving convenience of scrolling to a precise point in a video. While it may be seen as a bit of a gimmick DimP could also be manna from heaven for legions of video editors the world over.

Dimp in action Direct manipulation video

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