Digital TV is growing up

You can’t read too much into award nominations normally. After all, someone always has a vested interest in who gets nominated. Presumably the person with a vested interest in seeing Peep Show get nominated for a Broadcast Award for Best Comedy is on holiday – because (bizarrely) it didn’t get nominated. But Benidorm – a Johnny Vegas vehicle that was only so-so – did. Mmmm…

Interestingly, though, several digital-only shows did get noticed. In the comedy category alone, The Thick of It and Gavin and Stacey (BBC 4 and Threeeeeeeee!, respectively) got the nod.

So digital TV is growing up fast. Which is just as well, as the big switch-over starts in earnest next year. Bring it on!

What other digital shows should have been nominated? The Mighty Boosh?

(Image: from PinkMoose's flickr stream)

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