Exploring Digital SLR Cameras

SLR is an acronym that means Single Lens Reflex. An SLR camera enables you to view exactly how the lens views an image. The digital SLR cameras enable you to change the lens. SLR cameras produce quality photographs because of the large image sensors. The SLR camera is suitable for action photography due to reduce lag time technology. Digital SLR cameras are also versatile, images can be taken in almost any types of weather conditions.

Camera Mechanics - The digital SLR camera has many features. The camera uses mirrors in the view finder to show the image that is being captured. Light passes through the lens assembly in an SLR camera. The light is then reflected off the reflex mirror and projected onto a focus screen through a condensing lens. One feature is the manual or automatic focusing. Automatic focus is achieved by pressing the shutter button half way down. Manual focus is done by turning the lens ring toward the lens barrel.

SLR Digital Camera Benefits - An SLR digital camera enables the user to capture what they see. The what you see is what you get principal applies to the concept of the SLR digital camera. The use of the view finder enables you to precisely compose images and adjust focus quickly. An SLR view finder has a 95 percent accuracy coverage. Digital SLR cameras have varied brightness levels. This allows the user to easily adjust the manual focus. Users are able to buy lenses that match their photography style.

Digital SLR Cameras vs. Compact Cameras - An SLR camera is significantly more expensive compared to a digital compact camera. The cheapest SLR camera sells at around $450. This price is for a package without a lens. Package kit lenses are added to the camera for an additional $100. The SLR camera is larger in size and weight compared to digital compact cameras. Even a small size SLR camera is twice the size of a digital compact camera.

In the past, SLR cameras could not capture video. The SLR digital cameras release after 2008 have video recording capability. An SLR camera has the ability to change lenses compared to digital compact cameras. SLR cameras have a manual zoom while a digital compact camera has electronic zoom.



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