Need an iPod dock on your digital radio alarm clock?

Do you need your favourite sounds to wake you up in the mornings? One way to make sure your best tracks are the first thing you hear is to get yourself a digital radio alarm clock with a built-in iPod dock!

These fabulous gadgets offer the latest DAB radio technology, along with somewhere to charge your portable music machine so you’ll never be short of songs.

We found two impressive models available on the high street and online – take a look.

Bush NE3710 – This digital radio alarm clock was made specifically to work with an iPod but can alternatively hold an iPhone. It has a clear LCD display and DAB/ FM tuner with 10 stations already preset to get you started. Its oval design houses stereo speakers, which provide 2 x 2 watts RMS. The sleep timer is a handy feature, as is the automatic time update – so you won’t get caught out if you forget to put the clocks back or forward! It has a headphone socket and input for an MP3 player, and is on sale at argos.co.uk for £31.99.

Roberts iDream – Roberts is a trusted name in the field of radios and this DAB/ FM clock radio with iPod dock has two alarms which can be set independently of one another – one for weekdays and the other at weekends, for example. Its curved exterior features a large blue backlit LCD so it’s very easy to read and to operate. It also has an input for an MP3 player or similar audio device with a 3.5mm jack. Priced £75.95 at johnlewis.com.


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