Will the Digital Photo Picture Frame Endure?

The digital photo picture frame has become a common household object that adorns many a shelf, mantelpiece and other furniture tops. But what it is that makes this digital version of the old, static photograph so appealing?

For many, the digital frame has made the old-fashioned, printed framed photograph obsolete. After all, why display one cherished photo when you can effectively store hundreds of photos for passers by to admire?

It seems that there are two camps when it comes to the digital photo picture frame. On the one hand, embracing digital technology allows us to move with the times and enjoy an almost limitless supply of photographic storage. A digital frame can be used to store an entire family photo album; no walk into the living room will ever be the same, as each entrance will surprise you with a different cherished moment from your past. Another added benefit with digital frames is that the photos do not fade in time (though a flip-side to this is that they can stop working!)

Then there are those that still prefer the material, physical aspect of a photo. After all, the process of taking a photo, having it developed/printed and then showing them to anyone willing to sit down and look through them seems to have been a human tradition since the inception of the camera. And as technology further advances, holding onto traditional ways of the past will likely instil a quaint atmosphere in homes. For others, it will also be a statement: “I do not have to give in to modern ways.”

One thing’s for sure - the digital photo picture frame is likely here to stay and only become even more novel as technology improves. But the traditional, printed picture frame looks set to endure.

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