Some Great Digital Photo And Photography Amp Camcorders

Digital photo and photography amp camcorders are nowadays capable of taking digital photos with potent amplificatory lens. These camcorders allow any photographer to take long distance photos with great quality. This amplificatory feature in camcorders has been a success, since camcorders generally used to have low quality photo features in the past. People had to buy a digital camera as well as a camcorder to have the best of both worlds. The most famous and recognized brands have solved that problem by improving their camcorder technology. So now camcorders not only can take high quality photos, but they also can take amplified pictures.

Canon Elura 90

Canon is one of the most recognised brands in digital photography. Therefore these brands’ digital photo and photography amp camcorders maintain their high quality standards. The Canon Elura 90 has one of the most potent amplificatory lens, or zoom, in the market. This camcorder beats even digital cameras when it comes to amplifying the image. This is possible thanks to its 20x optical zoom. Some of it's most important features are:

  • Touch LCD screen
  • Night shot mode
  • CCD megapixels resolution
  • High resolution photos

Sony DCR-SX40

The Sony DCR-SX40 camcorder has one of the most potent amplificatory lenses. Sony has been developing photography and video recording devices for decades. This is one of their most successful releases when it comes to camcorders with great photo shooting. This amp camcorder is specially designed for long distance and harsh shooting conditions, like rain or darkness. Its major feature is its 60x optical zoom for taking photos and recording. Other features are:

  • Vario-Tessar lens
  • Hybrid recording
  • 1/8" advanced HAD
  • CCD imager
  • 2.7" touch panel display

Panasonic SDR-H85

Panasonic is famous for manufacturing high quality products, especially when it comes to digital photos and amp camcorders.  The Panasonic SDR-H85 features a great amplificatory optical zoom of 78x for taking digital photos. This means you can be a hundred meters away from your objective and you still can take a great quality photo. This amplificatory zoom makes the Panasonic SDR-H85 one of the best options when buying a camcorder that also can take great amplified digital photos. These are other major features:

  • HDD 80G
  • SD memory card
  • Angular objective 33mm
  • Intelligent Auto

JVC Everio

JVC has a great reputation among photography enthusiasts, and its products are backed up by this reputation. The JVC Everio camcorder can save up to ten thousand high quality photos. This camcorder features a very potent lens that can amplify photo images with a 35x zoom.  This camcorder also includes the Snapshot mode where you can take photos of video recordings. Among other important features there are:

  • 60GB hard disk memory
  • 35X optical zoom and 800X digital zoom
  • Dedicated One Touch buttons
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Konica Minolta lens
  • Snapshot

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