We look for digital photo frames at the cheapest prices online

Despite the fact that digital cameras have revolutionised the way we take photographs thanks to their excellent affordability, superb feature set and the fact that we can now store thousands and thousands of pictures on a single small SD memory card, we have been left with something of a problem.

With all these digital photos in our possession, how exactly can we share them with our friends and family without spending a fortune on ink and high quality glossy photo in order to print them out? Many have taken the approach of sharing their photos on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, however this is far from ideal since you need to be on that particular website at any given time in order to share them with your friends and, as we all know, that simply isn't possible most of the time.

So are there any other solutions available or are we destined to have huge photo collections that we are unable to show to people without sitting in front of a computer, or whipping out our expensive smartphones? Thankfully, the answer is yes. You can choose to display your favourite digital photos using a digital photo frame.

These devices work in a very straightforward manner. You load your pictures onto them by inserting a USB key or the memory card from your camera into the relevant port, browsing to the photos you want to share, and copying them onto the onboard memory of the frame. Once there, you'll be able to have them showing on rotation at intervals determined by you, so you'll be able to display your favourite pictures on your desk at work, on the mantelpiece at home, or literally anywhere else you can think of.

Despite the fact that they sound like they'll be expensive, if you shop online you'll be able to get digital photo frames at the cheapest prices possible. digizo.co.uk has a wide range of affordable solutions, including the excellent 1.5 inch Piglet Keychain Digital Photo Picture Frame for just £7.99, which will enable to you carry your favourite pictures around everywhere you go, or the 7 Inch Eco Digital Photo Frame with full SD/MMC support for just £29.99.

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