Digital Photo Frames For Your Own Picture Gallery Or The Perfect Gift

Digital photo frames are the smart technology answer to displaying many of your precious memories without filling your home with picture frames. These amazing electronic gadgets can hold hundreds of digitalized photos and display them singly or parade them in a slideshow. With a large variety of choice you can easily find one to suit your location and price range.

While some still have rolls of film photo processed for printed hard copy pictures, digital photography has taken over in many areas. The traditional wedding photo album or sets of holiday snaps are now often stored on cd or dvd discs. For even more convenience, loading your favourite pictures into a digital photo frame allows viewing at the flick of a switch.


These LCD screens act very like the display monitor of a computer, often with an attractive frame around it. Internal memory allows the loading and storage of digital photos. A 2GB has the capacity to store some 16,000 photos. Adding an SD card greatly expands the memory and allows for simple uploading straight from a computer or digital camera. Mains adaptors for standard 13 amp sockets supply the power via an on/off switch.


From plain black/white and coloured surrounds to wood veneer or brushed silver effect, there are a variety of digital photo frames to pick. Sizes vary from around 7’’ to an almost portrait sized 19’’. Actual features and functions vary according to model and manufacturer but many boast similar ones such as:

Built in memory

Photo functionality

USB port

SD card slot

Still picture/slideshow selection

Picture rotation

Built in calendar/clock/alarm

Free standing or wall mounted

Support for various photo formats

Generally the more expensive digital photo frames provide even more features. These can include video and mp3 music playback, remote control and motion sensing for power saving.

These amazing electronic gadgets are popular gifts at any time from Christmas to birthdays. Digital photo frames are especially suitable for those special occasions such as anniversaries when loaded with personal pictures. Many stockists, both online and in the high street, supply them and some real bargains can be found by shopping around.

http://www.digitalframesdirect.com/ - specialises in digital photo frames with an exciting range and next day delivery available.

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Digital-Photo-Frames-Albums-Photography/b?ie=UTF8&node=275058011- offer a selection at the usual competitive prices and free delivery.

http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/digital-photo-frames/349_3219_30321_xx_xx/xx-criteria.html- with prices starting at £24.99 Currys have a good range to suit all pockets in store and online.

Forget the dusty photo albums and view your holiday and special occasion snaps the easy way with smart looking digital photo frames.

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