Find a digital photo frame with a 10 inch screen!

Digital photo frames allow you to show off all your favourite pictures without having to fill your house with photo frames! You can have thousands of pictures on a slideshow in one frame. Here is a quick guide about what to look for and what to avoid when buying a digital photo frame...

Screen size is important. If it is for your home, a digital photo frame with a 10 inch screen is ideal. However you can get frames as small as 1.5 inches that fit on keyrings or even fridge magnets. A screen size of at least 8 inches will look good on a coffee table and your pictures will be clear.

Find a frame with as much connectivity as possible. Some cheaper options won't have as good connectivity as the more expensive options. It can be a nightmare if your camera has a memory card that won’t fit into the frame - so always check the connectivity options before purchasing and aim to get a frame with as much connectivity as possible. That way, if you change camera you won’t have to change the frame.

Internal memory is good, but not important. If the box says that it can hold 500 pictures, expect it to be able to fit 250-300 photos. Internal memory can be handy because you don’t need to keep a memory card in the frame, but most people find that a memory card offers more flexibility (not to mention space).

If cables annoy you, get a frame with a rechargeable battery. Digital photo frames use a lot of energy, so most are just mains powered as batteries wouldn't last very long. However it can be a hassle to locate the frame near a plug and worry about hiding the cables. A frame with a rechargeable battery can be placed anywhere in your home, but do bear in mind that the batteries usually don’t last more than a day or two on a single charge.


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