Huge Digital Wall Clock – The Extra Large Wall-mountable Digital Clock

Huge wall clocks present the next-level design of bold digital clocks. Traditionally, digital clocks have been known to offer popular small and inexpensive product designs, often integrated in different kinds of devices such as cars, radios and microwaves. The Huge Digital Wall Clock breaks away from this tradition with its absolutely huge wall-mountable design.

The extra-large digital wall clock not only makes a loud, stylish statement on your wall, but also displays precise time. You’ll never get late with the hard to miss digital wall clock mounted on your wall. The bold clock fits well with equally bold people who are not afraid to flaunt a loud lifestyle and a liking for big things.


The Huge Digital Wall Clock features a large digital display that is easily visible even in bright light. Measuring at one metre by half a meter, the digital wall clock will take up a whole wall in your home.

While the clock is really big, it is nonetheless light weight. It only weighs a few hundred grams. In addition, the clock is designed flat and flexible which means it is conveniently portable. You can easily roll it up and store or transport it anytime you want.

The massive clock comes in Blue, Green, and White schemes to give you colour options to choose from. Select a colour that best matches you wall mounting surface and personal preference when buying your Huge Digital Wall Clock.

Bottom Line

The Huge Digital Wall Clock makes for a stylish wall display that will keep you on schedule every day with accurate time. The clock sits well with anyone who needs a big and constant reminder of the time.

Buy your Huge digital clock for around £49.95 at leading online merchant and retail stores, such as Amazon.co.uk and Gadgets.co.uk.

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