Digital Cameras: Bluetooth Enabled and Wi-Fi enabled Sony Cameras

The one goal you have when taking pictures is to get the best shot. Sony digital cameras have legendary optics and innovative technologies that allow picture takers to do just that. A Sony digital camera makes it easier to take pictures. It captures pictures in amazing details because of a powerful combination of zoom lenses and optical frameworks.

Additional features in some models include 243 degree sweep panorama mode and image stabilization. This feature helps in various lighting environments. Some Sony digital cameras now even have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Here are some of these fantastic models:

Sony DSC-FX77 - The Sony DSC-FX77 features a cyber shot camera with wireless connectivity using Bluetooth technology. The camera has BIP Bluetooth connectivity for use in Smart AV-IT operations. The camera has a Bluetooth profile and image profile that works in collaboration between the camera and peer-to-peer technology. This ensures the data transfer is accurate, reliable and fast. The Bluetooth feature enables the camera to control remotely and allow for images to be taken and transferred using a laptop. In addition, the camera features a USB interface and connection for image file transfer.

Sony DCRIP220 - This camera offers a great recording tool for videographers. It features a 2.1 megapixel display and weighs only 24 ounces. The integrated Bluetooth technology assists in transfer of images to other electronic gadgets without wires or cables. This camera uses MicroMV and MiniDV tapes. There is a 2.5 inch LCD screen above the camcorder that is on a 270 degree swivel. This allows you to view in any angle. The camera also comes with a memory stick for image file and video storage. The Sony DCRIP220 uses USB and Firewire.

Sony DCR-IP55 with Bluetooth - The camera is marketed as a innovative and stylish design that comes with Bluetooth technology. Offers low power light features to shoot quality images in the dark as well as during dusk hours. There is a one mega-pixel resolution and features power zoom lenses. Other features include a web-cam, image stabilizer and electric steady shot. Save files as JPEG for images and MPEG for video. The camera has red eye reduction when using the flash. The camera also features automatic and manual focus.


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