Using Digital Camera Lenses

The simple answer is ‘no,’ but if you want to create the best quality shots possible, in a variety of situations, then digital camera lenses will enable you to do this. Lenses can be a costly investment, sometimes costing more than the camera. But, the lens is probably the most important consideration when it comes to cameras. After all, it’s the thing enabling the camera ‘to see,’ and the better the camera ‘sees,’ the better your image will be.

What can I do with lenses?

Camera lenses enable you to see the world beyond the limitation of the human eye; we can enjoy a wider field of vision or see farther with a lens. Normal lenses, enable a camera ‘to see’ in a similar capacity to the human eye. Therefore, an image shot through a normal lens will be similar to the scene we see without looking through our camera.

Which lens for which situation?

There are the three basic types of lens: normal, wide-angle and telephoto. Zoom lenses are the most popular, as they combine the properties of normal, wide and telephoto in one.

Normal lenses let in the most light, so they’re great for low-light situations and shooting subjects at a standard distance. Because they produce a more ‘natural’ shot, they take wonderful portraits with nice soft backgrounds.

Wide-angle lenses produce amazing panoramic vistas. Imagine standing before the Grand Canyon. To take in the breathtaking scenery, it’s necessary to turn your head or sweep your eyes from side to side. A wide-angle lens helps you capture all this in one photo without having to ‘turn your head.’

Popular with sports and wildlife journalists, telephoto lenses enable you to take a close-up photo of your subject when you can’t get near it.

Versatility and Creativity

With a specialised lens attached, we can include more landscape in the frame or focus on detail too far away to be observed with the naked eye. In summary, it’s not necessary to spend a fortune on lenses to take great photos. But if you’re really serious about photography, some expense and a lot of practice with digital camera lenses will you get the perfect shot every time.

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