Looking for a new digital camera?

Nearly everybody these days has a digital camera. Digital cameras, like all other technology are becoming more advanced. The following are great value digital cameras available from argos.co.uk that have a massive selection available.

The Olympus VG120 14MP Digital Compact Camera comes in a red plastic casing. This 14MP camera takes a superb picture and with 5x optical zoom, you can get as close to the action as you need to. The 3 inch LCD screen uses anti-blur technology to get that perfect picture. This camera also runs on a rechargeable battery which saves you from having to buy top quality batteries every few months. This camera is available at argos.co.uk for just £79.99.

The Samsung ES70 12MP Compact Digital Camera has a slick black finish to it. This 12 MP camera has a metal body for extra protection. With 5x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom, a perfect picture is guaranteed. Red eye reduction is possible on this camera and it can also be set to a timer so nobody needs to be left out of the picture! This camera can be purchased at argos.co.uk for just £69.99.

Argos also sells a range of essential extras for your new digital camera. A Sandisk 4GB SDHC memory card costs just £14.99 and will store up to 3,000 photos for you. They also sell a range of carry cases which range from £5 to £75. Argos offer replacement product insurance for 2 years for a cost of £29.99 on a digital camera valued at less than £100.

For more information on these cameras please visit argos.co.uk


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