Digital Camcorders WIth Photography Options and Amp Camcorders

Many manufacturers produce digital camcorders for photography and amp camcorders for their end users. Camcorders with photo modes allow them to store the pictures by freezing a frame of video into the videotape for a period of time. People mainly take pictures in camcorders to e-mail them to their friends, since the quality decreases when printing them out. Other camcorders that have built-in digital cameras present a memory card where the digital pictures get stored and are downloaded to a computer with the use of a USB cable. Camcorders can have amplifiers (also known as “amps”) to increase the signal power. Next, you’ll read about three good digital camcorders and types of amplifiers that can be added to them.

Canon ZR600 Digital Camcorder

Canon digital camcorders for photography have been recognised for their excellent lenses and image quality. Between their most important features are:

  • Large amount of pre-set shooting modes with high quality lens. The user can pick between sports, portrait, night, sunset, beach, and more for their video and also includes regular automatic shooting.
  • It also has a built-in digital camera with a SD/MMC slot to store digital photography.
  • It has a 25x optical and 800x digital zoom.

Canon DVD Camcorder: DC 100

This canon camcorder is also a perfect choice as much as the Canon ZR600 Camcorder. It's features include:

  • 25x optical and 1000x digital zoom.
  • Canon’s DIGIC DV image processor improves the color and clarity of the image providing the best video quality possible.
  • The 2.7’’ LCD screen on this camcorder makes it possible for people to shoot a video without feeling like his trapped behind the camera. This could be used perfectly for video-blogging.

Digital Camcorder HD-D10ll

The HD-D10ll presents the following features:

  • 5.1 megapixel CMOS imaging sensor
  • Full High Definition 1080P: 1920x1080Pixel
  • Built-in Flash Memory, supporting External Memory up to 8GB
  • HDMI Output and 5x Optical and 4x Digital Zoom

Amp Camcorders

The most common types of amplifiers that people can find are:

  • Lens Amplifiers: They are used to maximize the vision, so they avoid the picture distortion, have long distance zoom function and obviously increase the size and complexity of the target, perfect for sports or concerts.
  • Sound Amplifiers: They are used to magnify the sound of the target, so they can playback sounds or transfer them to the videotape recorder. There are some sound amplifiers that can even capture sounds over 300 feet away and digitally record them.
  • Charger Amplifiers: They are designed to charge the batteries of the camcorder in an extraordinary speed. In addition they charge the batteries in a very safe way.

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