Looking for a novelty digital alarm clock? Look no further!

On the lookout for a fun new way to wake up in the mornings? We’ve found four fantastic novelty alarm clocks to provide you with a little inspiration!

Digiflex 7 LED Pyramid – This funky little digital alarm clock displays date, time and temperature in seven different colours! All you need to do is pat it on the head and it will turn from tranquil shades of lilac, blue and green into vibrant yellow and red. Great for relaxing before you nod off to sleep! Priced £6.99 from Play.com.

Pac-Man Alarm Clock – If you enjoyed playing computer games in the 1980s, you’ll love this iconic timepiece. In true arcade fashion, the snooze, alarm and back light buttons feature red cherries, a gold bell and Pinky! Two AAA batteries are required for this digital alarm clock. Stocked by Argos.co.uk priced £14.99.

Shape Up Alarm Clock – Why bother to get up early to go the gym, when this quirky clock can help you workout while you’re still in bed! A robust 30 bicep curls are required to switch off the alarm, which is shaped like a dumbbell. It costs £21.49 from firebox.com.

Lego Alarm Clock Radio – Thought Lego was great fun when you were a kid? It’s even more fun now! This large scale, shiny red brick with backlit LCD screen is bound to make you smile each morning. The volume and tuner knobs are cleverly built into the top of the brick. It has battery back-up, so it needs four AA batteries. Available from JohnLewis.com at £24.95.


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