Digital Drums 501 electronic drum kit

Technote's Digital Drums 501 electronic drum kit or DD501 is a great piece of kit for indoor drumming and digital recording. It consists of a pretty standard setup: one snare drum, a Hi, Mid and floor tom, a bass drum, crash, ride and the drum computer.

One of the cool things about the snare right off the bat is the fact that it is playable in two areas. Both the main pad and the rim are playable so you can switch to a rim shot with ease. This is also great for throwing additional effects onto the rim.

The pads are made of rubber so they are quiet and have an above average response. While there are better mesh heads out there, these generally run into the thousands as far as electric kits go. Considering that this kit is around £200 there's no possible complaints.

The sounds again are on the cheaper end of the spectrum but if you know your digital drums this really makes no difference. You can use the USB out at the back to hook up to some decent recording software and use the kit as a trigger to access better samples.

The kit is pressure sensitive and this works pretty well. You can get a decent buzz roll on the snare and the bass drum is sensitive enough to play trebles.

The drum computer offers various tracks that you can play along too and you can even remove the drum track and fill in the gaps yourself. It also has the wires running through the frame so they wont stick out of absolutely everywhere.

If you are looking for a decent low cost lightweight electronic drum kit for indoor practice, the DD501 will do the job, and pretty good too!

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