Diamond Digger Saga tips, hints and strategy

Diamond Digger Saga is another puzzle game from the guys who brought you Candy Crush Saga. As with the ever popular puzzle game, this new game from publishers King, Diamond Digger Saga promises to be un-put-downable but there’s a big of a snag that’s got the gaming community up in arms. The game tends to crash and it uses a lot of battery life. If you're looking beyond those faults and still playing the game, these hints and tips will help you get more out of it.

Playable levels

At the moment there are 290 playable levels so we can't go into exactly how you get through each one. In this game you have to touch groups of three or four diamonds to remove them and then the remaining pieces shuffle downwards to take their place. The objective though isn’t to clear lines like in Tetris. With this game you have to clear the diamonds to create a path for a stream of water to get to an exit.

Color Burst

Using your color bursts wisely is the key to success. As diamonds drop down when lines are completed, you'll get some diamonds lost under a heap of other diamonds. Your Color Burst, which allows you to clear all the diamonds of one colour off of the board, allows you to clean up the screen and get back to matching colours. The key here is to be aware of the Color Burst tool and to make sure you recharge it quickly by matching large number of diamonds at one time.

Difficulty level

The difficulty level is pretty high once you get passed the early rounds so this is a game that a lot of players will put down. A more progressive escalation of difficulty would be better but that's not the game that developers King have given us. As with other games from King, once you’ve reached a certain stage you’ll need to wait 24 hours before continuing. Alternatively, asking three Facebook friends to help you will allow you to keep playing.

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