Find a new DET 105 transformer online

Whether you're big into home improvements or you're a member of the trade looking to buy spare parts to have while fixing lights, you'll find the absolute best prices for a brand new DET 105 transformer or equivalent online.

There's very little sense to paying the figures required from traditional stores these days, especially not when you can pick things up for a fraction of the price online. When it comes to buying electrical components, there are even bigger savings to be made by buying in bulk. Doing this means that you'll have a huge supply of your most commonly used components and you won't have to worry about running out in the middle of a job only to find that the local store will take a week to get a replacement in stock for you.

When it comes to light transformers, it can be almost impossible to find what you're looking for locally. Even if you do find somewhere that claims to be able to get something for you, you'll likely pay two or three times as much as you would buying it online, while also facing a long wait for the stock to arrive. If you're buying it for a customer then you're really not going to come off looking well.

The best price we could find for a DET 105 transformer was just €8.14 including VAT from Hungarian site Land Lite. Located at lbolt.landlite.hu, this site has a huge selection of transformers specifically for lighting specialists, and all for great prices so be sure to bookmark it today.

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