Destiny cheats and reward codes for PS4 and Xbox One

Destiny cheats and unlockable will help you make the most of the mythic science fiction game that was released by Bungie in September 2014. We list the reward codes that’ll allow you to get more from the post-apocalyptic game no matter whether you’re playing it on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.
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Reward codes

Over time the makers of Destiny have given 27 upgrade codes through promotional cards, website promotions and limited edition versions of the first-person shooter video game. If you’ve missed any of them, we’ve got them listed for you. All you have to do is register on the game’s site, link up your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account and then enter the codes.

Promotional Trading Card Codes (Grimoire Card unlocked)
  • 01: YKA-RJG-MH9 (Class: Warlock)
  • 02: MVD-4N3-NKH (Class: Titan)
  • 03: 3DA-P4X-F6A (Class: Hunter)
  • 04: TCN-HCD-TGY (Fallen: Rixis, Devil Archon)
  • 05: HDX-ALM-V4K (Destination: Cosmodrome)
  • 06: 473-MXR-3X9 (Enemy: Hive)
  • 07: JMR-LFN-4A3 (Destination: The Ocean Of Storms, Moon)
  • 08: HC3-H44-DKC (Exotic: Gjallarhorn)
  • 09: 69P-KRM-JJA (Destination: The Tower)
  • 10: 69P-VCH-337 (Exotic: The Last Word)
  • 11: 69R-CKD-X7L (Hive: Ogre)
  • 12: 69R-DDD-FCP (Destination: Valley of Kings, Mars)
  • 13: 69R-F99-AXG (Enemy: The Fallen)
  • 14: 69R-VL7-J6A (Exotic: Red Death)
  • 15: 69X-DJN-74V (Enemy: Cabal)
  • 16: 6A7-7NP-3X7 (Destination: Shattered Coast, Venus)
  • 17: 6A9-DTG-YGN (Vex: Minotaur)

Reward Code (Unlocks Emblem):
  • 18: 7F9-767-F74 (Emblem: Sign Of The Finite)

Limited Edition Hidden Codes (Unlocks Emblems and Shaders):
  • 19: FJ9-LAM-67F (Emblem: Binding Focus)
  • 20: JDT-NLC-JKM (Emblem: Ab Aeterno)
  • 21: JNX-DMH-XLA (Emblem: Field of Light)
  • 22: 7CP-94V-LFP (Emblem: Lone Focus, Jagged Edge)
  • 23: JD7-4CM-HJG (Emblem: Illusion of Light)
  • 24: 7MM-VPD-MHP (Shader: Double Banshee)
  • 25: RXC-9XJ-4MH (Shader: Oracle 99)
  • 26: X4C-FGX-MX3 (Emblem: Note of Conquest)
  • 27: A7L-FYC-44X (Emblem: Flames of Forgotten Truth)

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