Deskjet printers for sale

Deskjet printers have fast become one of the most popular printers for home use due to its reliability,affordability and sleek modern design.

One of the new exciting features of the Deskjet is the quick forms button, pressing this button prints off templates and allows you to do so without ever having to turn on your pc. The type of templates available can be used for games, calenders, music paper, graphs and more.

HP Deskjet printers have a feature called smart Web Printing, which makes it easy to print off only the content that you want from the web and get usable web pages without cut-off edges. This also allows you to reduce your paper use by 45%. Hewlett Packard had independent testing conducted which showed that their Smart Web Printing used an average of 45% fewer pages than the web browser’s print command. The deskjet range of computers have also emerged as the leaders in wireless printing.

The deskjet range of printers provide all the efficiency and dependability that customers have come to expect from Hewlett Packard. For more than 20 years, HP Deskjet products have provided an affordable, reliable way for customers to print their documents and photos. More than 200 million customers around the world have used  Deskjet printers for their printing needs. The deskjet series of printers have a speed of up to three pages per minute on plain paper and they are unusual amongst consumer inkjet printers in featuring a cheap, disposable print head built into the cartridge itself. Therefore allowing consistent print quality since the head is replaced frequently, along with the ink. This can also reduce the need for frequent head-cleaning cycles, which consume ink.

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