As an alternative to that goddamned infernal iPhone 4, which has managed to maintain a grasp on the imaginations of everyone who is transfixed by swish logos and tidy, neat little stores staffed with horn-rimmed spectacle-wearing indie kids hanging back trying to repress their laughter as they explain why an Apple computer costs 40% more than a non-Apple alternative, we suggest the HTC Desire HD (or even the Windows Phone 7 – on which more later), which looks whizzy and flexible like a smart phone should.

The video below explains in a neat and concise fashion – something we could never do with boring old words – what the HTC Desire HD offers a potential customer, which turns out to be a lot, from a super quick internet usage, a map system that is stored on the machine so you don’t need to have internet coverage to access it, and natty ways of making sure that your phone is both heard and not heard ringing, automatically. Take a look.

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