Designer 'Droid

It's hard to believe the transition the Android tablet market has made. A few months ago, we were still waiting for the first proper Android tablet, the Motorola Xoom, to be released. A little over half a year later, not a single Android tablet has been what you'd call a roaring success. But we're drowning in the things: Samsung have three, Sony two about to be releaed, Asus two, Acer one, Archos several, plus there's countless more from various little known Asian manufacturers. It's a commoditised market already, without having yet had a proper success story.

But this takes the biscuit rather. The fashion label Pierre Cardin have announced it's their turn to make an Android tablet. To be released later this year, the Pierre Cardin PC-7006 (catchy) is the first 'designer' tablet that we're aware of.

But fashionistas will know that though he was once a proper 'designer', Cardin has for years allowed his name to be plastered on all sorts of crap - pencils, pants, filofaxes, usually of low quality. And it seems this tablet is no different. Running the horribly out-of-date Android 2.2, it's got a 1.3 megapixel camera, underwhelming even by tablet standards. We'll give them this, it's cheap - at £275, less than an iPad. But still not good value, given the crappy software and lack of apps.

Still, some fool will go and buy it and think it makes them classy. Ain't fashion wonderful?

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