Design a MIX personal homepage for your Dad

Parents are great fun when it comes to the web, especially in the Dad's question-asking department (Disclaimer: Not wanting to get into trouble, WebTwitcher is, of course, not talking about her own father). You may have heard several variations on:

A) How do I switch on the weather report for Eastbourne?

B) Can I see when someone sends me an electronic letter?

C) Can I get golf news on the interweb? And, my personal favourite;

D) How do you know where to find all this information from the millions of pages Bill Gates has?...anyone....anyone?

If, dear reader, you have a technologically-challenged parent (my own mother once thought she'd deleted the entire internet when she'd just minimized the browser - I can reveal that on WebTwitcher, because it's safe to assume she'll never log on again after worrying about FBI reprocussions) and, assuming Geriatric1927 is not your Grandad, you may benefit enormously by giving your diluded Dad a little MIX gift.

Spoil him rotten with his very own MIX page this weekend, designed by you, containing the RSS feeds for all the sites he'll like. Ever. He'll either never ask you a question about the internet again, or, heaven forbid, launch a singing career off the back of unprecedented success on a social networking site. Let's hope the former prevails.

Just create a new username and password for him (hint: make it simple, you don't want to scare him off at the first hurdle). In my list of recommended feeds below, I've included some typical Dad-topics you might want to put on the page, including an excellent petrol prices update blog. If you think of any more, let me know.


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