Of all the stories that happened over the weekend, this one has to be the weirdest. Alan Titchmarsh, sexpert Julie Peasgood and Kelvin ‘liar’ McKenzie ‘debating’ with a Computer and Videogames journalist about the supposed corrupting influence video games have on children on a tacky ITV debate show. Take a look at the poor guy being harangued by a bunch of grannies and then thrown a load of idiotic non-arguments by a TV gardener and two other woefully informed middle-aged fogies. It’s almost as if ITV plays to the lowest common denominator or something.

During the section, which is below, Peasgood said that video games ‘promote racism’ and ‘cause low self-esteem and depression’, backing her points up with no evidence of any worth at all. Meanwhile Titchmarsh was like a dog with a bone, falsely claiming that games don’t have age ratings (they do) and generally acting like the Daily Mail fool we always knew he was. Take a look, and weep at the slow demise of popular discourse.

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