De-mystify the wine world online

Well of all walks of society I would not have suspected that secretly, behind the scenes, our wine makers, tasters and gurus were experiencing a quiet technological revolution.

Look past the Jilly Goolden-style random sloshed comments and you will quickly see that, rather than drinking themselves into a fuzzy red stupour, the wine community has become somewhat of a force to be reckoned with online.

A visit to Winegeeks.com will get the taste buds tingling. They have a great Daily Picks RSS feed with short reviews from different world wines. Similarly, the Wine Lover's Guide, although with US pricing in their reviews, will give you some great hints on what to watch out for in your local shop, while a quick visit to English Wine will remind you that there is such a thing.

The Wine Spectator provides informed and refreshing content, with everything you would ever need to know about producing or drinking, and their headlines are available on RSS for your MIX.

Most impressive of all however are the People in Wine podcast from the Fine Wine Press, and the Virtual Wine video blog, both of which are a must if you are or want to be a wine conosseur.


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