Demand Five coming to Virgin Media

If you’re a Virgin Media subscriber instead of a Sky man/woman, then good for you; you’re fighting the god televisual fight against the big bad meany Rupert Murdoch and instead giving your money to nice, cuddly rich man Richard Branson. Good on you.

However, it does mean that your telly experience is basically a bit crap compared to your heartless moral vacuum of a neighbour, so you’ll no doubt be delighted to know that Demand Five coming your way. When exactly, we don’t know, but this is good news for anyone who likes Five’s decent selection of American drama.

So if you literally cannot get enough of CSI’s various locals and simply must have access to them at all times, rejoice. You will also be able to watch Demand Five Shows through virginmedia.com, as well as on your mobile, should you have a snazzy enough handset. Jolly good.

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