Dell notebooks; The best of the bunch

Dell Notebooks have been around forever and have always been great suppliers of laptops and desktops. They have had some brilliant models over the years and the same can still be said today. If you are hoping to get something really good for under £700 then Dell are the company to go with.

They have a massive selection on budget, mid-range and high-end pc's to choose from. It's all really down to what you are looking for. Considering that most people look for a mid-range machine we have hand picked the best of the bunch.

The Dell XPS15-L502X is the perfect laptop for people looking for a functional model with a bit of grunt. Scratch that, this can keep up with most high end machines!

While the chassis is a little on the bulky side, Dell have managed to cram a bundle into this laptop. It can take an i7 processor, but if you want to keep the price down a bit more, stick with the i5 or i3. These are perfectly capable processors, in fact, they're just downright good!

This machine even has Nvidia 5 series graphics built in so you can keep up with just about anything that's out there on a low-medium setting. What's even better is that all of this can be viewed on a stunning full HD 1920x1080 resolution screen.

Dell have always had great deals on RAM so be sure to pick up whatever you need to ensure that you get the best possible performance.

When it comes to affordable laptops Dell still hold first place. The XPS15-L502X is one of the best that Dell has to offer so be sure to check it out. Not much of a looker though, it has to be said!

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