Delicious bought

Last year the internet had a collective heart attack when it looked like Delicious, the link-sharing site that was one of the first web2.0 companies and is much-loved by geeks, might be shut down. Yahoo, which bought the site a few years back, said in a leaked internal document it intended to 'sunset' the service. But after a few hours of panicking by the twitterati, Yahoo said it was aiming not to shut down Delicious, just to sell it.

And now it has. And the good news is, it's gone to what looks like a good home. The new owners of Delicious are Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, best known as the founders of a little site called YouTube.

Not too much is known about what the YouTube boys plan to do with the site, but they say they plan to make it the centrepiece of a new web service called AVOS. 'The startup is thought to be based around tools that help people get to grips with the vast amount of information generated by web sites and services,' explains the BBC.

If you have a Delicious account, you'll need to sign in and tick a box to say you're happy for AVOS to inherit your bookmarks, otherwise they'll disappear in July when the moveover happens. So go click.

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