DelayBook, more like

For a product that could decide whether its maker sinks or swims in the tablet era, the BlackBerry PlayBook sure is having a slow gestation. Makers RIM deperately need the PlayBook to be a success so the millions of BlackBerry users don't get used to an iPad or Android tablet - and then decide 'you know what? This is OK, maybe I should try an iPhone or Android phone.'

But the launch keeps getting delayed. It was supposed to be out by now, but unless we're really not paying attention, there's no sign of it.

Now we know why. We all know the iPad 2 is flying off the shelves, and it seems Apple's need to build them is so great they're gobbling up all the touchscreens.

Still, there is now a firm release date: 19 April. That's in the US, of course: we won't see it until June, by which time reviews and sales figures will have told us if it's a flyer or dud. There are advantages to being last to get the newest tech...

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