Debate rages over Sony's PSP sequel

Sony have a mixed history when it comes to sequels. The excellent Spider-Man 2 was followed by the bloated and disappointing Spider-Man 3. And, come to think of it, the excellent PlayStation 2 was followed by the bloated and disappointing PlayStation 3.

But how will things go with Sony's latest sequel, the NGP, follow-up to 2005's PSP? Will it be a Sony classic like The Social Network, or a dud on a par with Burlesque?

The critics seem divided. Hardcore gamer types seem excited by the sheer power of the quad-core, high-resolution handheld. 'I think the PSP2 might be built perfectly for what it is meant to be: a portable gaming powerhouse,' said Joel Johnson of Gizmodo. 'The PSP2 is going to be as close as we've ever seen to having a full-on console experience on the go.'

John Carmack, developer of seminal shoot-'em-up Quake, was equally effusive - albeit in geek-speak. 'Low level APIs will allow the Sony NGP to perform about a generation beyond smart phones with comparable specs,' he said on Twitter. (That means he likes it.)

But others aren't so sure. After all, the PSP was powerful, but was still outsold by the Nintendo DS. On TechCrunch, Devin Coldewey argued the NGP's impressive graphics were beside the point. 'The PSP2 promises 'PS3-level' graphics and sound. I find it difficult to understand why you would want a big-screen experience packed onto a small screen,' he argues. 'Wouldn’t you rather have a game truly made for the small screen, designed around portability and accessibility, not a smaller, slightly modified version of a full-fledged console game?'

We don't know what to think, but we do wonder if the NGP is really the right thing in the era of Angry Birds. But what do you think, readers?

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