Dear Santa…

We love gadgets. We love technology. And we love toast.

Why, oh why, has no one – egghead, boffin or mad professor – invented the toaster that doesn’t burn toast? You know the scene. You’ve been out with friends. You’ve had one or two libations but you’ve resisted the temptation of a lamb kofte with all the trimmings, knowing you’ve got a couple of pieces of Sunblest at home that’ll toast up lovely.

Home, you pop them in the toaster – the last two slices – and settle on the sofa to wait for your grilled delicacy as you fire up your Xbox. Then you sniff disaster – the toaster has burnt your two new best friends to a cinder. Where’s the toaster with built-in burn cut-out when you need it?

So, you have to go out and get a kebab.

No wonder the nation is overweight.

(Image: from tinkerroll21’s Flickr stream)

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