Deal with the devil?

It seems Facebook's slow takeover of the entire web continues apace. Hot on the heels of introducing its new 'Open Graph' features - which will suck in everything you do online and shove it in your friends' faces - it's now succeeding in taking control of the way you log onto your favourite services.

'Login with Facebook', the artist formerly known as Facebook Connect, has been around for some time, and lots of sites offer it as a login option. But now Spotify, everyone's favourite online music service - until today at least - has gone a step further. As of now,a Facebook account is obligatory if you want to use the service.

Don't panic if you've already got a Spotify account, you're fine. But if you're new to the service, you'll need to be on FB - and to link your Spotify account with FB - to sign up.

This has inevitably provoked widespread angst online, with many users accusing Spotify of making 'a deal with the devil.' So much so that Spotify CEO Daniel Ek took to Twitter to defend the change, saying, 'We want to remove barrier [sic] to sign-up and create a more seamless experience. As we think our users are social.' So Facebook definitely aren't paying you lots of money to do this, then? Hmm.

In another tweet, Ek hinted a rethink might be on the way: 'We'll try lots of things, and probably screw up from time to time, but we value feedback and will make changes based on it,' Ek said. Since then, he's been replying to people expressing doubts about the strategy and appears to be genuinely listening to people's gripes. So if you hate this idea, tweet him now! And if you think it's kind of OK, tweet him too, I guess. Not everyone's furious; Engadget seems to think it's fair enough, saying, 'We understand why the move doesn't thrill everyone out there, but we're okay having one less username and password to remember. Change can be a good thing, ya know.'

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