Dead Rising 2 - multiplayer announced

Zombie fest Dead Rising 2 will have a multiplayer option, it has been announced. Capcom top bod Keiji Inafune revealed the news at a press conference, most likely reacting to the runaway success of Left 4 Dead's online multiplayer fun.

What does seem to be in Capcom's favour in the fight against Valve's classic is the sheer number of undead beasties that they can cram on screen – they're are claiming that they can get as many as 6,000 zombies on screen at any one time.

'Single-player alone is not going to cut it,' said Inafune. 'So rest assured we are going to put multiplayer in the game, but I can’t go into specifics about what type of multiplayer as that directly relates to some of the game systems that we don’t want to talk about at this event. It will be online multiplayer, so keep that in mind.'

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