Dead good

As far as ridiculous zombie games go, Dead Rising 2 looks about as over the top as they come, and as far as we’re concerned, ‘over the top’ and ‘zombie’ are all you need to convince us of a game’s worth. Thankfully in this case, as you can all see from the gameplay video and trailer below, it looks an awful lot of fun, if spectacularly cheesy and full of annoying load screens.

The game is set in Fortune City, which has become America’s playground since the fall of Las Vegas to the zombie hordes. Our hero, motocross champ Chuck Green, is taking part in a game show called ‘Terror is Reality’, in which we work our way through as many zombies as we can on our bike, while the crowd bellows its approval. Afterwards however, the infected get their revenge, breaking out into the TV studio complex and slowly working their way towards your daughter – so you’d best pick up your axe/chair/plastic bin/chainsaws attached to a pole with ducktape and get killing.

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