David Cameron is a hit!

Whatever your politics are there’s no doubting that the combination of the live TV leaders' debates, the media's partisan stance, the hung Parliament and the final coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats made this British General Election the most exciting one for generations.

But some credit has to go to social networking sites, especially Twitter – where users could follow the ongoing breaking news accompanied by hilarious comments from Twitterers. According to just released figures, the biggest trending mention on Twitter is Prime Minister David Cameron who outpaces both Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg. But it wasn’t all roses for Dave; it’s been revealed that more than half off all tweets mentioning the new PM were of the negative variety.

One of the off-shoot topics of the General Election on Twitter has been what the new found coalition between the Tories and Lib Dems should be called, with the most amusing so far being ‘Con/Dom’ – because it is inconceivable.

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