Daily disaster?

Uh-oh. All does not seem well in the world of iPad publishing. The iPad was hailed as the saviour of journalism when it launched last year, but it's increasingly looking like the enthusiasm was misplaced. Magazine publisher Conde Nast is reportedly slowing down the introduction of new titles onto the iPad as the existing ones, such as Wired, haven't sold as well as expected. And now it seems The Daily, Rupert Murdoch's iPad-only newspaper, isn't doing so well either.

The Daily apparently cost $30 million to set up before it even launched, and now we learn it lost another $10 million in its first three months of operation. For that, they got 800,000 people to download the app, but we don't know how many of those people stuck with it beyond the free trial. (May we be so bold as to offer a prediction? Not frickin' many.)

Still, it's early days. The runaway success of the iPad means its potential reader base just keeps on growing, and Murdoch's gang are reportedly considering porting it to Android tablets too. There's little question that, over time, The Daily's audience will grow. But will it grow fast enough for it to turn a profit in its first year? Or has Murdoch made another multi-million-dollar MySpace-style mistake?

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