Daggers drawn

Boys! Boys! Can't we all just get along?

Sometimes multi-million dollar corporations act like little kids. We told you a couple of weeks ago that Facebook and Google were playing a silly game of tit-for-tat over the import of user data. Gmail blocked Facebook from letting users search for their Gmail contacts on Facebook, because Facebook doesn't let Google do the reverse; but then Facebook found a way round it.

Well, we're not sure what's happened behind the scenes, but over the weekend the option to import from Gmail in any fashion disappeared. It looks like Google have found a way to block the work-around Facebook were using.

Just to get really childish, though, Facebook has also removed Google sign-on - which uses a totally different system which Google hasn't blocked - from Friendfeed, the Twitter rival it bought a couple of years back.

We guess it's possible this is all down to some sort of let's-just-leave-each-other-alone settlement by the two companies. After all, Facebook's 'Gmail killer' Messages launch consisted largely of Mark Zuckerberg calling Gmail a 'great product,' so the two should be making nicey-nicey with each other really. But maybe Google are just really jealous they never got a hatchet-job critically-acclaimed movie made about them...

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