Wake up in digital clarity with a DAB radio alarm clock

Enjoy crystal clear digital radio in the morning with a DAB radio alarm clock. Pre-set your favourite stations, and programme the digital timer so you wake up to the Radio 4 news, Radio 1 chat or the reassuring local accents of your nearest station.

The Roberts Dreamtime Portable Digital Clock Radio offers 20 station pre-sets as well as a smart automatic time set. The large screen makes it easy to see the time and radio station even through half-open eyes, and the blue backlight can be dimmed at night. Order at eBitsi.com for £40.76 including free delivery.

The Pure Siesta Mi DAB/FM Alarm Clock Radio offers a choice of DAB and FM tuners and a large display so you can't tell yourself it's not really already 7.45 in the morning. Laskys.com has them at £33.75 including free delivery.

The Grundig GUAC91DABIP Dab Clock Radio offers an iPod and iPhone dock if you need to wake up to your own choice of music. There are 12 pre-sets for your favourite radio stations, an easy to read display and that all-important snooze function. My Memory (mymemory.co.uk) has them at £38.99 including delivery.

The Bush DAB Clock Radio looks like an Apollo landing module, but its functions are 21st century. It has a very clear LCD display, an easy to use DAB tuner, a snooze button and a dual alarm for setting 2 different wake-up calls. At £19.99 from Argos (argos.co.uk) it's an attractively-priced DAB radio alarm clock.

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