Our top three DAB radio alarm clocks for under £100

Looking for an effective alarm that’s also going to add a touch of style to your bedroom? We found three excellent DAB radio alarm clocks offering crystal clear reception – and they look good, too! What’s more, they all cost less than £100.

PURE Chronos CD Series II – With its clever triangular design, this DAB radio alarm clock should slot easily into any space. The display will always be at the optimum brightness thanks to its integral light sensor, while front inputs enable speedy connection to an iPod or MP3 player and headphones. This model, available in black or white, has a whopping four alarms and you can set them any way you like, for example, a couple for weekdays, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The PowerPort will work with compatible USB accessories. Comes with remote control and a free two year guarantee from johnlewis.com, priced £94.95.

Bush Touch – This sleek, black DAB/ FM clock radio has 20 preset stations, headphone socket and a handy iPod dock. Its stereo speakers pump out 2 x 7 watts RMS and the gadget has a useful sleep timer so you can drift off uninterrupted. It also has a convenient automatic time update which takes care of putting the clocks back or forward! Available from argos.co.uk priced £99.99.

Revo Uno2 – This tall cylindrical device not only has FM and DAB, but DAB+ signals, which means it’s all set for future technological developments. The rubber keypad and large LCD are easy to use even when you’re feeling sleepy, while the snooze button is sure to come in handy. It has 10 station presets, iPod and headphone sockets and remote control. Available from play.com priced £89.99.


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