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If you are looking to buy a new radio you should think about getting a DAB clock radio. DAB is the term used to describe Digital Audio Broadcasting. A DAB radio offers a much better selection of radio stations and programmes than a standard analogue FM radio. When looking for your next DAB clock radio, you should start your search at argos.co.uk.

Argos has a large range of DAB clock radios available to buy from £20 up to £120. Argos can be found in almost every town in The UK or online. They offer free delivery on all of their products bought online.

The Pure Siesta Mi DAB/FM alarm clock radio offers excellent value for money. This alarm clock comes with a black finish, LCD display and a 24 hour clock. Other functions of this alarm clock are dual alarm, sleep timer and a USB port. You can even wake up to the sound of your favourite music with this radio. The Siesta Mi can be yours for only £44.99 at any Argos branch using their unique catalogue number 925/9504.

Another great choice is the Bush NE3710 DAB alarm clock radio which is also an iPod docking station. This radio also has an LCD display, 10 preset stations, FM and DAB tuner and stereo speakers. An auxiliary input connector is available for an mp3 player. This alarm clock docking station combi can be yours for only £69.95 by using catalogue number 500/6463.

For more information on any of these products or to view the large selection available, please visit argos.co.uk.

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