Stay in tune with a DAB car radio

Heading out on a road trip? Along with the sat nav, a DAB car radio might be a valuable piece of kit, keeping you informed on the latest road conditions and accident blackspots. With precision tuning and digital reception, it should be easier to keep tabs on your favourite stations. We offer some tips.

  1. The easiest installation is an in-dash unit with a matching aerial, where you can ensure all the equipment is compatible.  For technical advice and assistance, along with a range of recommended radios and aerials visit dabonwheels.co.uk, which has radios at prices to suit your budget. Expect to pay around £150 for a top brand in-dash radio.
  2. If your existing radio is difficult or expensive to replace, you might like to consider an add-on DAB tuner. An Acoustic Solutions DAB ICS100 (acousticsolutions.co.uk) radio has excellent sound quality and features an input for iPods and mp3 players. They retail at £29.99.
  3. Check that your aerial is compatible with your DAB radio. Your signal will only be as good as your aerial regardless how much you spend on your radio. Check the specifications of radio and aerial so that they work together.
  4. Most radios can be installed by the user, if they are reasonably skilled. If you have any doubts, it is best to use a professional with some experience of DAB tuners.
  5. A DAB car radio will eliminate a lot of the crackle and hiss from normal FM radio signals. DAB tuners discriminate between the broadcast signal and the noises generated by vehicles, so feedback, buzz and crackle will not be such a noticeable problem.



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