Cut the cord

You've heard of Bluetooth, right? But I bet you've never used it. The low-energy wireless technology was supposed to usher in an age of wire-free fun, but it's never really taken off as it's always been a bit fiddly.

For most people, using a Bluetooth headset is the hallmark of total nerdiness. But what's frustrating is that proper Bluetooth headphones ought to be huge.

Now, Apple rather like Bluetooth. Their wireless keyboard, mouse and trackpad - standard-issue Mac accessories - all run on it, and they did release a little clip-in Bluetooth headset for the iPhone, though no-one uses it.

Now, though, the signs are that Apple might be doing a proper wireless headphone accessory for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, all of which are Bluetooth-enabled. They appear to have bought a company called Wi-Gear, who used to make some nifty iPhone wireless headphones called iMuffs. Wi-Gear's co-founder Michael Kim now works at Apple, as an 'iOS Bluetooth Engineer.'

Sounds good to us. But what about those funky ads with the dancing people and the white headphone cable flying everywhere?

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