Custom-Made memory stick products

When it comes to portable data storage, nothing beats the humble memory stick. It could be argued that these nifty little USB devices single handedly made the floppy disk go the way of the dodo. Initially only available in small, 128meg sticks, nowadays memory sticks are available up to 32gig and beyond.

Thanks to their popularity and ease of which they are manufactured, many businesses and organisations have begun offering out custom memory sticks to their customers and clients.

Custom sticks function much the same as a standard memory stick; they allow you to store data in a portable capacity. However, they have been designed uniquely so that they serve a higher purpose, usually to promote the services of the company or individual that they were produced for. For example, a business might have a number of USB sticks produced that are fashioned in the shape of their corporate logo; they can then be given out to customers as a free memory storage gift that doubles as a piece of promotional material.

Many businesses use this tactic of sending their customers free memory stick devices to incentivise them into staying loyal. Some businesses however have gone the extra mile by storing promotional material on the USB, even going so far as having games and other interactive media stored on them.

If you are interested having your own memory sticks produced, you'll be pleased to know that there are a number of companies that produce them to your own requirements, either for corporate or personal use. A simple online search will reveal many companies, but here are some examples:


There is usually a minimum order required and the cost of having a memory stick produced varies from device to device, as it is generally quoted according to specification; the more customisation required, the more expensive they tend to be.

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