Currys sale 2014: dates and deals

The Currys sale 2014 start and end dates haven't been announced but if they follow the pattern established last year, then the next sale will happen during Easter. There was a major sale during April 2013, so Currys will no doubt be opening up their stores to bargain hunters over the Easter weekend.


The web is the best place to find Currys sale items for 2014 and the dates their sales run to and from, but it's not the only place you can get a great deal.

Currys store

Even when the sales aren't on, Currys stores have independent promotions that are worth looking out for. There's always the chance that ex-demo stock needs shifting or that manufacturers of goods like computers, washing machines or vacuum cleaners are offering discounts.

Weekly offers

Currys' website, currys.co.uk, is the best place to go for the firm's weekly offers. Massive savings can be had on a range of goods. This is also the place to go when you see a TV advert plugging a great sales price on an items you're interested in owning.

Clearance sales

The firm's website is also the best place to visit for the latest clearance sale items. The items sold on clearance range from PCs and laptops to large screen TVs. If you're going to spend big on home entertainment, then check out their site before parting with your cash.

Cash back offers

This is another way that Currys get customers to part with their cash. It's pretty effective but the savings are made over time. Cash back offers are normally attached to big item purchases like fridge freezers, ovens and other large kitchen appliances.

Final word

The Currys sale 2014 dates and prices may not be announced but there's always a good offer to be had if you check out their website. Don't limit yourself to the web though as the store have great deals too and you get the added advantage of taking the item home with you that day.

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