Great deals on Currys laser printers

Before they buy a printer, it seems that everyone thinks it'll be a fantastic purchase. They'll be able to print off documents and photographs, receipts of payment and airline tickets at their leisure and without the hassle of an internet cafe or using the work printer.

Unfortunately, as anyone who actually owns a printer can tell you, that's rarely how they work out. They're notoriously temperamental devices that seem to have a mind of their own at times. You'll be forced to deal with all manner of paper jams and driver failures on a regular basis unless you buy a reliable printer. And even then you're going to be faced with the ongoing cost of ink cartridges. There's no end to the torment your printer will put you through. Or is there?

In our experience, opting for a laser printer instead of an inkjet printer often reduces the number of issues you potentially face, and with more economical use of ink, they're definitely worth the little extra you'll pay in the long run. Currys laser printers are available both in store and on their website at www.currys.co.uk, so we're going to give you our recommendations.

For £89.99 you can pick up the HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer. This printer may only print in black and white, but it'll cut your ink expenses right down. Its wireless capability also means less cables to clutter your home, always a bonus!

If you want more functionality than simply printing, then the Philips Laser MFD 6020 Multifunction Laser Printer is ideal for you. It's got scanning and photocopying functions on top of its monochrome printing, and it's available for just £79.99.

Finally, if you're looking to inject a little colour into your life, you should look at the HP LaserJet CP2025n Colour Laser Printer, available for £299, a saving of over £60 on the retail price.

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