Crisis at Nokia?

Poor old Nokia. The Finnish company probably did more than anyone to drive the growth of mobile phones, producing rugged, easy-to-use phones that were nice to look at. The Smartphone Era, though, took Nokia completely by surprise: first the iPhone, then Android phones, stole away their best customers while Nokia's own software struggled to keep up.

This week, it looks like Nokia has either gone into meltdown, or finally started to pull its socks up. Last week, the company got rid of its Chief Executive, the fabulously-named Olli-Pekka Kalasvuo, and replaced him with Microsoft's Stephen Elop. Since becoming CEO in 2007, Kalasvuo had 'overseen the Finnish giant’s decline, which culminated in the announcement earlier this year that operating profits had crashed by 40 per cent,' as the Telegraph put it.

Just three days later, one of Nokia's most important executives - 'head of mobile solutions,' Anssi Vanjoki, resigned. He only took the job in July!

So is it crisis or rebirth for Nokia? We reckon a clear-out is a good idea. But the real question facing Nokia isn't one of personnel, but of strategy - can it keep putting its own, increasingly dated software on its devices, or does it need to suck it up and embrace Android, like rivals such as Samsung?

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