If you pay attention to the ever-fascinating world of tech, you'll probably know that there's been a bit of a falling-out between Apple, purveyoes of overpriced but lovely silver consumer computer kit; and Adobe, makers of Flash, the software that powers much of the video on the web.

Apple didn't include Flash on their iPhone, but no-one really noticed, as who wanted to play embedded videos on such a small screen? But then when Apple left Flash off the iPad too, things got heated, with Steve Jobs putting a special message on the Apple website calling Flash 'the number one reason Macs crash' and saying 'We don’t want to reduce the reliability and security of our iPhones, iPods and iPads by adding Flash.'

Flash can be added to Macintoshes, but since the new MacBook Air was released a couple of weeks ago, Macs don't come with Flash installed.

Well. it turns out there might actually be a legitimate reason for all this. The geeks at Ars Technica ran some tests, and found that the MacBook Air can manage to browse the web on a single charge for six hours without Flash installed - but that that number drops to four hours if Flash is turned on.

That's two hours less mindless surfing before you have to go and get your power cable. Maybe Flash isn't so important after all...

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