Create your own mobile phone contract and save

Mobile phone users these days have a wide variety of needs from their service providers, so much so that it is becoming increasingly difficult for mobile service providers to offer their users blanket contracts that adequately cover everyone. For this reason, we have seen an increase in the number of people building their own custom deals.

Instead of relying on the basics provided by the network, it is now possible to pick and choose which features and services you want and don't want for your own personalised mobile phone contract. While it might sound complicated, it really couldn't be any more straight forward!

If you would like to create your own mobile phone contract, we've got some handy tips that might help you get the best value from your package.

Firstly, figure out what your regular monthly air time usage is. You can calculate this by comparing bills from the last two or three months and working out your most frequently placed calls, their durations and frequencies, and giving yourself a little wiggle room for additional, unexpected usage.

Once you have arrived at a figure that seems reasonable, see if your phone provider offers any minutes packages that suit your usage. If they do, great, that can be the first thing you ask to be put on. If they don't, pick whatever deal is the closest without going under.

You can further reduce your minutes by adding a friends and family plan. These are usually available at a very low cost and mean you can call a list of selected numbers free of charge at any time. This is ideal for reducing your phone bill related outgoings.

If you are a serial texter, you can add a text bundle to your contract to reduce the cost. Many providers now offer unlimited texts for a set monthly fee, so if you find that texting is the cause of your high bills, this is definitely an add on for you!

Finally, phones nowadays are becoming more and more reliant on data plans. If you need to use email and web browsing while on the go, you could dramatically reduce the cost of your monthly bill by customising your contract to include a data add on.

For more information on all these services, as well as their availability, contact your service provider's customer support number today.

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