Cracking down on any stragglers

The Crackdown 2 demo went live yesterday, and anyone who wasn’t distracted by the World Cup football got themselves on it early doors to get themselves some XP points (bear in mind that you’ll only get these if you buy the game when it comes out). But there are probably still some naysayers who are too preoccupied with football stuff to get involved in the general smashing bashing and crashing of the Crackdown world; for them we have the latest trailer, which shows you just how rockin’ this game is.

Ok, so it doesn’t reveal anything to us that we didn’t know already; you can smash just about everything in the game world with big guns and that, use cars and trucks and choppers and everything else to go crazy, and The Agency will love you for it. Check out the video, then download the demo – you won’t regret it.

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